Reading: None

English: None

Spelling: None

Math: Workbook pages 3&4.

Religion: None

Social Studies: None

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Reading: Workbook pages 3-4-6.

English: Page 202 Exercise 2 #1-15.

Spelling: None

Math: Workbook pages 1-2.

Religion: None

Social Studies: None


I welcome all my new 5th grade students and parents. I am glad I had the opportunity

to meet most of you at the Teacher’s Meet and Greet. I am hopeful for a wonderful

school year. I will list assignments on a daily basis on this website.



Students will: 1. Read Chapters 1&2 of the novel “The Indian and the Cupboard”.

2. Define the 10 following vocabulary words from Chapters 1&2:

kryptonic passage satin trousers bronze coherent

minuscule buckskin sarcastic appalled clutching

3. Answer the 10 following questions from Chapters 1&2:

1. Why did Omri not appreciate Patrick’s birthday present?

2. Why could Gillon not buy Omri a birthday gift? What did he give

Omri for a gift then?

3. Where did Omri get a key to fit the lock to his cupboard?

4. On the morning after his birthday, what happened in the cupboard?

5. Why did Omri not tell anyone about what was in the cupboard?

6. Why did Omri forget his swimming things?

7. Omri was worried about the Indian all day at school. Why?

8. What did Omri give the Indian to eat and drink?

9. What is the Indian’s name, and what tribe does he belong too?

10. How did Omri make the Indian a place to sleep?

4. Complete 30 minutes of silent reading from a novel of their choice.


Students will : Log onto Prodigy and solve Math problems for 40 minutes.


Students will: 1. Read from the Bible the Book of Genesis Chapters 1-4

2. Answer the following 10 questions:

1. What did God create on the first day?

2. What did God create on the second day?

3. What did God create on the third day?

4. What did God create on the fourth day?

5. What did God create on the fifth day?

6. What did God create on the sixth day?

7. Name the four rivers that God created in Eden.

8. How did God punish the snake that tricked Adam and Eve?

9. How did God punish Adam and Eve for being disobedient?

10. Who were the first two sons of Adam and Eve and what were

their jobs?


Students will: 1. Choose one of the following National Parks:

a. The Everglades

b. Yellowstone

c. Yosemite

d. Acadia

e. The Grand Canyon

f. Apostle’s Islands

2. Using a computer, research the National Park and write a half

page report answering the following questions:

a. When was the National Park created?

b. In which states is the National Park located?

c. How big is the National Park?

d. Describe three interesting activities to do in the Park.

e. Name three animals/plants that reside in the Park.


Students will follow the lesson plans from Ms Horvat’s class.


Typing Practice Link

Typing/Keyboarding Practice



Emphasis is placed on how Jesus plays a pivotal role in our daily lives. This sharing of faith includes: instruction in scripture; the experience of prayer and liturgy; the ability to relate teachings to life experiences; the knowledge of the rich heritage we share in time, place and people; and the profound respect for and love of the Catholic Church.

Language Arts/Literature
Literature is used for oral reading, vocabulary, comprehension, decoding skills, inferences, and critical reading/thinking strategies. Textbooks as well as novels are used to accomplish these goals. The major areas of the English curriculum include: writing, grammar, correct usage, mechanics, dictionary and library skills, speaking and listening skills, and literature. The “Six Traits of Writing” are utilized in the writing process. (Sentence Fluency, Ideas & Content, Organization, Conventions, Voice, and Word Choice) The major books of study are Where the Red Fern Grows, The Chronicles of Narnia, The Island on Bird Street.


New concepts are introduced in small increments and are continually practiced. Number sense, computation in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, geometry, algebra, measurement, and fractions are a major focus at this grade level. They will also focus on data analysis and probability, reasoning and proof, with a great focus on problem solving.


Glencoe Science: An Introduction to the Life, Earth, and Physical Sciences starts students off on the right foot in their secondary science education. A balance of life, earth and physical science prepares students for further study in these areas. Engaging and relevant content and practical hands-on activities are designed for middle school students who are ready for real science.


Houghton Mifflin Social Studies: United Stated History introduces to students the early American settler's and explorers, and the development of U.S. colonies. They further explore how founding fathers helped to grow a new nation and country.  The will discuss the Declaration of Independence and the Civil War and its effects on today's society.

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Mrs. McNichols