First Grade Curriculum

Room 104 - Ms. Michelle Kloda

We Believe consists of four units in which students will learn that God is the creator of the whole world and everything in it. They will come to understand that Jesus teaches us about God's love, we are followers of Jesus, we belong to the church and we celebrate and live our faith. Students will also participate in daily bible reading, prayer, planning of school masses and special feast day celebrations. Each Friday the students attend the 8:15 Mass.

Journeys is a core reading program adapted this year. In the program, students will develop reading comprehension skills as well as skills with critical thinking, writing, speaking, listening, and research. Journeys uses digital tools and results-driven instruction to build better readers, and to scaffold and differentiate to meet all students’ needs. Phonics is also taught using the Modern Curriculum Press series. 

Vocabulary Workshop is a vocabulary development program that teaches vocabulary and promotes students’ understanding of these words with multiple exposures. Students will learn a variety of strategies to acquire new vocabulary and help them understand figurative language, word relationships, and nuances in word meanings.

Sadlier Math is a new math series adapted this year. The daily lessons begin with a  "Morning Meeting” in which the children calculate the our behavior scoreboard, identify the date, count numbers, find patterns, examine the weather, and work with place value.  Later on in the day the math lessons include addition facts, subtraction facts, measurement, place value, data and graphical displays, addition and subtraction with two-digit numbers, geometry, equal shares, time and money. 

Houghton Mifflin Social Studies School and Family is a social studies program that covers topics such as people and the world of work. Students will explore families, communities and the different types of jobs. Students will learn about where we live, including our continents and oceans. Other topics will cover learning about the past and how everything changes throughout time as well our government, leaders, and citizens. 

Harcourt Science is a science program that consists of units on life, earth and physical science. During life science,  students will be exploring plants and animals and how those plants and animals live together. Throughout the earth science unit, students will learn about our Earth as well as weather seasons and the sky. The physical science portion will cover investigating matter as well as energy in our world. Various activities are also utilized to give the students “hands-on” experience when exploring these topics.