Second Grade Curriculum

Room 105 Mrs. Susan McGready


Math L126B and 127A/B
































































Math sheet

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Second grade introduces some of the basic teachings about the sacramental life of the Catholic Church. The children discover what it means to belong to the Christian community. The students work most of the year in preparation for the sacraments of first Reconciliation and Eucharist. Prayer is integrated throughout the day and the school children participate in the weekly school liturgy.

The children are introduced to the rules of grammar, usage, and mechanics of the English language. Writing skills are further developed through journal writing, creative writing, and writing in the content areas. The “Six Traits of Writing” are emphasized.

The second grade reading series utilizes a thematic approach to reading and includes a practice book, theme books, and enrichment activities which provide skill building experiences in vocabulary, decoding, comprehension, and study skills. Phonics and spelling are integrated into the teaching of reading and writing. The Accelerated Reader Program is used to monitor and
motivate independent reading.

The Saxon program is used for math, which is comprised of five components: the Meeting, the Lesson, written practice, number fact practice, and assessments. The day begins with “The Meeting” when a wide variety of everyday skills are practiced. A “Student of the Day” assists in asking questions about the calendar, time, temperature, pattern of the day, classroom graphs, and money. During “The Lesson” the class works on concepts and skills including computation,
problem solving strategies, measurement, geometry, money, time, identifying patterns, fractions, graphs, and charts. Number facts are introduced using fact strategies, and are practiced throughout the year.

The children are introduced to various cultures, geography, economics, history, and citizenship through the textbook’s theme, Neighborhoods.

The science series is based on the Harcourt Science Program. Life science focuses on units that cover animals, plants, and the human body. Earth science explores units on space and weather. The physical science component concentrates on matter.

Mrs. McGready graduated from Northeastern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science. She received her certification through Northeastern Illinois University after two additional years of education classes. Her twenty-plus years of experience include teaching grades one, two, three, and kindergarten . She greatly values Catholic education.